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Table To Trail is a plant-based outdoor dining movement to encourage kitchen-crafted food that is trail-tested and ready to be enjoyed out in nature.  Whether you choose a boulder, a log or a lovely open meadow to enjoy your meal, you can be sure it will be delicious.  I believe one thing to be one hundred percent true:  



Prepping for Fun

Eating outside takes a little bit of advanced planning but the effort is well worth the reward.  Once this mindset starts to marinate, it becomes easy and habitual.  Shopping and meal prep become a way of life - changing how you think about food.  You'll discover the many hacks to make your day hike meals simpler and faster.  The small windows of time are there in your day, it's just a matter of finding them and using them to your advantage.  Get out your backpack and get ready to fill it with delicious goodness and get ready to fill your soul with adventure!


Trailside Dining

Imagine the sweet and crunchy bites of homemade trail mix after hiking for a few miles and you are ready for a break.  Nothing processed, just all great stuff from your pantry.  You find a great spot to rest, take some deep breaths and notice all the smaller details of your surroundings that you wouldn't observe while actively hiking.  The bark detail in the trees, the colors in the flowers, the grasses, rocks and sky.  Take another deep breath and think how lucky you are to be enjoying this moment all to yourself or with a friend or group.  You'll find this recipe for Timberline Trail Mix @tabletotrail

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